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Heating / Furnace

Having trouble with your furnace/heat pump/heating system? Before scheduling a service appointment, try these simple troubleshooting steps:

  • Check to make sure that the thermostat is set in the HEAT position.
  • Make sure that the temperature setting on the thermostat is set HIGHER than the current indoor temperature.
  • Ensure that there’s power to the furnace:
    • Try turning the fan to “ON” on the thermostat to test for power to furnace.
    • If no action, reset the breakers at the electrical panel, especially if the thermostat is showing a blank reading.
  • Is there any air coming out of your vents?
    • Always make sure you routinely change out your filters as directed to ensure peak performance.
    • In addition, check all return air grilles and registers. Make sure they are not blocked by furniture and are open and blowing air.

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Problem: My system is running properly, but it doesn’t seem to be cooling my house.
Solution: The most likely problem is that your system is in need of a tune-up. Have a professional come out to check out the entire system seasonally to avoid dirt build up. Even a small amount of dirt can cause your system to have to work harder to cool your home. In addition, you should check your outside condenser for blockages such as leaves and debris, or have a professional inspect your ductwork for any airflow problems.

Problem: Some rooms in my home are much cooler than other.
Solution: This is likely due to your ductwork as well as the natural tendency for cooler air to fall and hot air to rise. The first step is to close registers in lower rooms of the house, forcing the cold air to exit at the top of your home and drop to the bottom. This should create an even spread of cooling throughout the home. If that is not effective, the next step is to call a professional and have your ventilation inspected for blockages.

Problem: System is non-operational
Solution: Your temperature settings may not be correct on your thermostat. Check to see that it is set for a temperature below the current indoor temperature of your home. Next, check to see whether power is being sent to your system. Inspect circuit breakers to ensure that it is receiving the required energy. After both steps have been performed and the system has not begun to function, have a technician come to inspect the system as soon as possible.

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